Lactation Cookies

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Caramel Gold Lactation Cookies

The taste of caramel is usually complemented by the sweetness of other cookie ingredients like sugar and butter. The slightly toffee-like taste of caramel can also balance out the sweetness, creating a satisfying and rich taste experience. Overall, the taste of Caramel Gold Lactation Cookies is indulgent, sweet, buttery, and toffee-like, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy rich and decadent snack.
$49.70 $38.00

Chocolatey Chips Lactation Cookies

These cookies are also infused with chocolate chips, which add a sweet and delicious taste to the otherwise bland lactation-friendly ingredients. The combination of the chocolate chips with the lactation-boosting ingredients make these cookies a popular choice among breastfeeding mothers who want to enjoy a tasty snack while also supporting their milk supply.
$46.70 $35.00

Dark Chocolatey Chips Lactation Cookies

Dark chocolatey chips lactation cookies are similar to chocolatey chips lactation cookies, with the addition of dark chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate chips. Dark chocolate is known for its health benefits, including its antioxidant properties, and it has a slightly bitter taste compared to milk chocolate, making it a great option for those who prefer a less sweet taste.
$46.70 $35.00

Good-old Cranberries Lactation Cookies

The overall taste of the cookies can be described as a balance between sweet and tart, with a slightly crunchy texture from the oats and a soft, chewy texture from the dried cranberries. The flavor profile is not overly sweet, which makes it a great option for those who prefer a less sugary snack.
$46.70 $35.00

Lavender Earl Grey Milk Chocolate Lactation Cookies

The lavender Earl Grey component of the cookies comes from the addition of lavender buds and Earl Grey tea leaves. Lavender is known for its floral and slightly sweet flavor, while Earl Grey tea has a distinct bergamot flavor that adds citrusy and floral notes to the cookies. In addition to these unique flavors, Lavender Earl Grey Milk Chocolate cookies are also infused with milk chocolate chips. The creamy, rich taste of milk chocolate adds a decadent and indulgent touch to the cookies that complements the floral and citrusy flavors.
$46.70 $35.00

Little Black Sesame Lactation Cookies

Black sesame seeds have a nutty and slightly sweet taste that is different from the more common white sesame seeds. They are also known for their high nutritional value, containing protein, fiber, and healthy fats. In addition to their unique flavor, black sesame cookies often have a distinctive appearance due to the dark color of the sesame seeds. This makes them an aesthetically appealing snack that is sure to catch the eye.
$46.70 $35.00