What are lactation cookies?

Shan’s Lactation Cookies are created for postpartum and breastfeeding mothers. Our lactation cookies and lactation brownies are packed with wholesome galactagogue foods and ingredients (from organic rolled oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds, brewer’s yeast, virgin coconut oil etc) you can find in your local health store. These lactation cookies and brownies are easy to grab when you’re hungry from nursing your baby. Our lactation cookies are 100% Singapore made and packed.


How do these lactation cookies work?

Nursing mothers do not need a special diet to produce milk for your babies. A good healthy and sensible diet, lots of water and rest, most importantly; breastfeeding your baby consistently is the best way to increase your milk supply.

Shan’s Lactation Cookies are safe, nutritious and easy to grab tasty snacks. Our bakes are loaded with organic quality ingredients traditionally used to support the production of breastmilk. We are also Fenugreek and Preservatives-Free


Why fenugreek-free?

Shan’s Lactation Cookies started out baking for herself and family and friends who were breastfeeding. While fenugreek has been one of the go-to galactagogue and works well for some women, unfortunately it was one ingredient that was not suitable for us and we eventually omitted them. Our lactation cookies and lactation brownies do not contain herbs or medications; just natural and organic whole food ingredients to support milk production.


How many lactation cookies should I take?

Our serving suggestion is 2-4pcs of lactation cookies a day. This could be a combination of lactation cookies and lactation brownies. Our bodies react to galactagogues differently. Some mums may see a boost in supply with a single cookie while others may need a couple more. Golden rule – nurse frequently, eat a wholesome and balanced diet, stay hydrated, rest and no stress!


How should I take the lactation cookies or lactation brownies? Can I take them during confinement?

There is no specific time to consume these bakes. Simply follow your natural diet and appetite. You can most certainly include these lactation bakes during confinement.


Are lactation cookies made of breastmilk and can anyone take them?  

Absolutely not! They are a tasty snack for everyone at home. We promise you won’t start producing milk, Dads!


How long do these lactation cookies / brownies last?

Our lactation cookies and brownies are baked fresh daily.

For lactation cookies, please store them in a cool, dry place to maintain optimal freshness. Our products do not contain artificial preservatives or coloring. When properly stored, they remain fresh and delicious for (2) months.

For lactation brownies, please store them in the refrigerator upon receiving them. They remain fresh and delicious for (1) week. Before consumption, thaw your lactation brownies at room temperature or pop them into the microwave for 10-15 seconds to heat them up. Pair them with a nice cup of nursing tea, a glass of milk or better still, a scoop of ice cream!


Are you gluten / dairy / eggs/ nut free?

We understand that different people have sensitivities to different food. We wish we could cater to all. Our products are prepared in a single SFA-licensed kitchen and some of our menu items contains nuts. Unfortunately we are not dairy and eggs-free. Please kindly reach out if you need gluten-free option which we can accommodate.


How quickly do they arrive after placing an order?

All orders are prepared and shipped within (2) working days. If you require them urgently or if you have any questions about an order, please email us at sales@shanslactationcookies.com. We are also contactable via WhatsApp at 9455 3404.


Can we opt for self-collection?

We are open Monday – Friday with self-collection window from 4pm to 8pm. Please kindly arrange with us prior to coming down so we can ensure that a team member is available to receive you. Alternatively, we do free home delivery with every $70 cart out (that is two bottles of lactation cookies).