Lavender Earl Grey Milk Chocolate Lactation Cookies

The lavender Earl Grey component of the cookies comes from the addition of lavender buds and Earl Grey tea leaves. Lavender is known for its floral and slightly sweet flavor, while Earl Grey tea has a distinct bergamot flavor that adds citrusy and floral notes to the cookies. In addition to these unique flavors, Lavender Earl Grey Milk Chocolate cookies are also infused with milk chocolate chips. The creamy, rich taste of milk chocolate adds a decadent and indulgent touch to the cookies that complements the floral and citrusy flavors.
Manufacturer: Shan's Lactation Cookies
SKU: S01E16
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  • Best selling lactation cookie

  • Organic ingredients traditionally used to support breast milk supply

  • Made with Organic Rolled Oats, VCO, Organic Coconut Flakes, Brewer's Yeast, Flaxseed and White Chia Seeds

  • Fenugreek and preservative free

  • 430g cookie bottle; approximately (24) to (26) bite-size Oatmeal Lavender Earl Grey Milk Chocolates Lactation Cookies

  • Note: There are caffeine in this product. Please only select this flavour if you are comfortable and already taking some form of coffee / tea in the day. It is recommended to limit your caffeine intake while breastfeeding. Check out our FAQ Page for Frequently Asked Questions
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